Best Bluetooth Earbuds of 2017 – Reviews of the Top Wireless Earbuds

In case you are planning of buying a pair of brand new earbuds, you might like to prefer wireless Bluetooth earbuds over traditional long wired ones. No doubt, headphones are superb with their sound and quality, but you cannot just wear them and go running. Earbuds solve this problem as they are great alternative to normal headphones and earbuds for those who like to listen to their favourite music while running, cycling, working out at the gym etc.

In addition to that, the big giants like Apple and Motorola are already ditching the headphone jacks from their new devices and no doubt, eventually, other companies are going to join them too and we all would have to shift to wires headphones and earbuds ultimately.

There are many who think that the quality of sound is reduced while playing music over Bluetooth. There many, for whom this the sole reason why they are not shifting to wireless ones. We agree to you point and this problem existed long back when Bluetooth was something new in the market. However, now almost all the smartphones have an audio processing unit that makes sure that the quality of the entire music playing over Bluetooth is not altered in any way and you get the best sound experience even over Bluetooth earbuds.

However, there are some drawbacks that come along with wireless earbuds like distortion, light noise from outside world, and sometimes they might come off your ears due to regular jerks. In addition to that, wireless earbuds are a bit costlier when compared to the wired ones. Also, there are so many options available now days on the internet, which makes it even harder for an individual to come up with a wireless earbud that satisfies all his or her requirements.

So, here we are with a complete detailed review of the best Bluetooth earbuds currently in the market, especially for people who like to listen to music while they doing a lot of other activities. But before we tell you about the other best earbuds, let us have a look at the winner and the best bluetooth earbuds that you can definitely pick without another though.

Best Wireless Earbuds – The Winner

Jaybird X2

The first Jaybird X earbuds were launched back in 2012. And now the company is back again with the all new Jaybird X2 wireless earbuds. No doubt, they are best in the market right now and that is all because of the amazing music they offer along with comfort.

The bass is exceptional. If you love bass, then this is the earbuds you need to go for. The same can be said for highs. These earbuds can handle them exceptionally well.

The Jaybird X2 come in many colors, so you will always find them going with your outfits taking your style statement even higher. The earbuds are really very durable and we can guarantee you that. They have passed a lot of rough tests before touching your ears. So, build quality should be the last thing you should be worry about.

Another feature that shines out among the rest is the remote functionality. You can easily control your earbuds with the help of remote which contains three buttons for controlling playback and volume, and mic.


· The Jaybird X2 are very comfortable, the foam tips fitting easily and softly in your ears providing you noise free quality sound.

· The overall sound quality is way better than the original Bluebird X.

· There is a new better case which comes along with the Jaybird X2 earbuds which makes it easy to carry the earbuds anywhere.


· The battery life of 3-4 hours is not very good but not very bad as well. However, since the earbuds are themselves very small, it would be wrong if we expect long backup from them.

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Best Wireless Earbuds 2017

Top Wireless Earphones for Bass Lovers

Sony SBH80

Sony has always been known for its sound and picture quality in its various manufactured products. The earphones and headphones from this brand promise an excellent sound quality with all the distinct sound notes and a little more emphasis on Bass. Though, not many people know about the Sony SBH 80 Bluetooth earbuds, but these wireless earbuds offer you a combination of a lot of features along with superb sound quality making them the top choice of people who love bass.

Looks and Design

The earbuds might seem a bit bulky at first and you will have to wear them from behind your ear. Yes, you cannot help with that because it is the way they are designed. However, the best part is that they do not fall even when you doing a vigorous workout. The main reason behind this “behind-the-ear design” is solely to provide a strong grip so that the earbuds remain in their place unaffected by jerks.

The tips of the Sony wireless earbuds are light and extremely comfortable and creates a very light seal with your ears when compared to other earbuds, which stick to your ear skin tightly. However, despite of light seal, the sound isolation is better than other wireless earbuds and there is very little to no ambient noise that you can hear with earphones on, even in the crowded places.

Sony SBH80 look bulky but are very light in weight. So, you can use it for long without any irritation. You cannot complain about these wireless earbuds when it comes to comfort. The design is tough and there are no weak points as well. You can listen to them in light drizzle as they can withstand little amount of water.


One can connect to the Sony earbuds via NFC as well as Bluetooth. The Bluetooth range is 10 meters but you can extend it to a bit more if there is no obstacle in between the music source and you. The earbuds last for 6 hours in one go on medium volume. More is the volume, faster the battery depletes.

One special feature about these Sony wireless earbuds is that one can connect to 2 devices at the same time. You also get a microphone along with a remote consisting of 3 buttons on each side. However, it doesn’t matter much, but it is a nice thing to have.


The sound quality is really awesome. It is the thing that makes Sony SBH80 one of the best in the category. The buds have Apt-X technology that makes sure that you get crisp and clear beats in any kind of song. However, your device must support Apt-X technology, so iPhone users won’t be able to use this feature.

Bass lovers are going to fell in love with these earphones. Also, the enhanced bass on these earphones does not impact the vocals or mids in any way. The soothing sound continues even at peaks without any breaks.

However, treble is clearly not the focus point but that does not mean that the earbuds are going to disappoint you. But you can easily control it to sufficient amount using your device’s equalizer.

All in all, there are more pros and hardly any con with these Sony earbuds and you must get them if you really like to get strong earphones which you can use for long time and which can provide you best quality without compromising with the comfort.

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Best Wireless Earbuds for Sports Lovers

Bose Soundsport Wireless

The Bose Soundsport Earbuds are one of the best wireless earphones in the market right now. As the name hints, Bose Soundsport Wireless are made for people who love to listen to music while they are busy playing their favorite sport or game.

You must have them if you are totally in love with songs featuring heavy Bass. The earphones offer a comfortable grip and good connectivity as well as sound output but have a rather bulky design as compared to other wireless earphones. These earphones come packed with a small fancy carry case that also has a carabineer clip which is almost incorporated with the design of the headphone. In addition to this there is also a small USB charging that you can use to charge them when they run out of battery.

Looks and Design

Talking about the build, the earbuds are extremely comfortable. However, Bose has not changed the ear tips that go inside your ears, but there is a huge change in the outer housing.

The Bose Soundsport wireless earbuds are not as thin as the old one, instead they are bulky as well as heavy. In fact, for many users might think that bulky housing will make them too much to bear with and at first glance they seriously look off-putting. But that is covered by the sound quality that the earbuds offer. Obviously, the components had to be fit somewhere. Also, Bose has added huge battery so that you can listen to your favorite tracks for a long time without any interruption.

One of the biggest problem with earbuds is that the wire which gets torn very easily. But these earbuds have nicely constructed wires that don’t fly around even when you work out or run.

The Bose Soundsport earbuds are made up of hard plastic and are water and sweat resistant.


When you put the Bose earbuds on, you will notice a big bulge outside and it might seem that they might fall, but that is not the case. They are not as bulky as they really look and they don’t fall out easily. However, if you prefer looks over performance, Bose Soundsport might disappoint you a bit.


There is a small button on the top of the right earbud that is the only way to pair your wireless earbuds with phones and to power them on. However, in-line mic is still required if you wish to use playback controls.

You can connect the earbuds via Bluetooth as well as via NFC if you have a NFC compatible device. You also need not to worry about the range of the device. You can play songs from 30 feet away and they work pretty well from this huge distance as well.


Talking about the sound quality, well, there is nothing much to say about it. The name says it all and if it you still need some clarification, the bass is extremely strong (bass lovers, go for it without a second thought), and produces extremely clear sound even at high volume.


Bose says that the earbuds can last for around 6 hours in one charge. However, there is nothing special about it and there are other wireless earphones in the market that offer a better battery backup than these. But the best thing is that you can play songs for more than 6 hours as well. In a test we were able to play songs for 6 hours 40 minutes in single go. However, not many of you are going to listen to songs for that long, but it is really great for regular users, the Bose earbuds last for around a week in one charge for them.

However, the biggest problem with these earbuds is their price. You will have to pay $150 for the Bose wireless earbuds which is not cheap at all. Keeping price in mind there are other option you can look for, but if you are a hard-core music lover, you should really get them for good crisp heavy music. Moreover, spending more on good quality is always wiser than spending less on low quality and we assure you this product is one of the best wireless earbuds available in the market.

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Wireless Earphones for those who prefer quality Music

Jaybird X2 Sport Wireless Earbuds

Jaybird X2 Sport is another beast in the wireless earphones segment and the best among the ones mentioned in this review. Overall fit and sound quality offered by this new pair of earphones is no less than its predecessor Jaybird X. They offer overall exceptional sound with balanced and good bass, treble and quality. This balancing is so good that the sound output is simply impeccable.

The new X2 come in almost same box in which Jaybird BlueBuds X were shipped and the first thing that you are going to notice when you open the box is another small box. This small box contains the ear tips as well as another small box is present inside the inner box that contains the earbuds. There is a USB cable as well for charging as well as a pouch for holding the earphones and its accessories.

Look and Design

The overall look of the Jaybird X2 is more or less similar to BlueBuds X but these are available in a lot more colors like Midnight Storm, Ice, Fire, Charge, Alpha and Storm White. Overall, Jaybird X2 get a better minimalistic look that is no doubt better than its predecessor.

We will discuss about the sound quality in a bit. However, before that, we would like to tell you that the ear fitting of these earbuds is incredible. It is very important to get a good as well as comfortable fit in order to enjoy good music. The foam tips are made up of the finest material that provide a strong tight seal without hurting your ears in any way. Moreover, they do not hurt your ears even when you use them continuously for few hours. The sweat-resistance and comfortable grip makes it ideal for a long time use.

Now, talking about the build quality of the earbuds, the Jaybird X2 are made up of plastic that is pretty strong. You can simple use them at gym and even for light jogging without any problem. The material is able to withstand pressure and so your workout routines won’t be hindered on any manner.

When compared to the previous version, you get a new pair of tips along with the old silicone tips. There is also an upgrade provided to the carrying case that you get along with the wireless buds. The new case is a lot more protective as well as easy to carry.


The wireless earbuds use Bluetooth 2.1 to connect to devices. The reason given by the company for this is that the later version of Bluetooth available do not provide as clear music quality as v2.1. The Jaybird X2 make use of the premium BT audio which was also present in BlueBuds X. But unlike most of the headphones, X2 do not skip playback that usually happens with most of the other earphones available in the market.

However, you still get the Jenna voice in your BlueBuds X2 which is quite helpful for pairing the earbuds with other gadgets. You also get a mic as well as three buttons which can be used to control music playback. One can also use the middle button to answer incoming calls. You can hold down the middle button for long to reject the calls. You can hold down for more time to turn the earbuds off.


The company claims battery life of 8 hours, which is pretty good for a wireless earphone but it is really hard to reach that mark. You buds might run out of battery before that often. Also, it takes around two and half hours to go from 0 to 100 percent. But, mostly the amount of time depends upon the type of charger that you use to charge the buds. There is a flap which covers the MicroUSB port present on the same side as on the buttons to be used for charging purpose.


The sound quality is really good and low sounds have great defined bass as well as vocals. However, the mids are not too great. It is now a trend where the company forgets the mids and focus more on low and high sounds. Still hip-hop and rock lovers won’t find them disappointing. Highs are great in these earbuds. You get great bass as well as clear and crisp sound without any shrillness or harshness.

The fitting cancels the noises coming from outside and prevents the sound from escaping your ears as well. So maybe not the best sound output for the audiophiles but definitely an excellent sound output for rock and bass lovers.


All in all, Jaybird X2 can handle great deal of sound without distortion. The company had not only tried to provide a great set of earbuds but have also tried to enhance the experience that the user gets. Also, the Jaybird X2 earbuds are not genre specific and can handle many kinds of music quite easily. You can get them on Amazon for just $94.11. Buy Jaybird X2 Best wireless earbuds from here.

Beats Powerbeats2 Wireless

If money is not your issue and if you are looking for a top end beastly wireless earbuds, you should definitely try these on. Beats have set a benchmark in the sound products market and with this new Beats Powerbeats 2 they have done so yet again. The new wireless earphones are made for people who are running all day through. The wireless capability as well as the light design makes it a perfect option that will satisfy all your daily requirements. And adding to this, the amazing sound quality with a decent balance between lows and highs of the makes it an ideal buy for those who love to hear to music while working out but doesn't want the cables to hinder their movements.

Design and Look

However, company has not been much into the earphone mankind, still they have produced an outstanding earphone with impeccable design that actually goes with your style.

These are earbuds made for all purpose. You can use them at work, during workouts and long jogs and even while you are busy with your daily household chores.

The earbuds have been designed in such a way that they do not hinder any of your daily routine work. But one of the biggest problem with these earbuds is with comfort. They have been built for those who exercise, and this is the reason why you will find them very grippy. This grippyness starts turning into itchiness after a point of time. And while working out or running and playing you might not notice this uncomfortable feeling but when using them casually for a long time, this itchiness is noticeable.

The other chassis is made up of strong thick pieces of plastic which are just size of your thumb and contain sound drivers and all the necessary equipment. The gunmetal grey color along with the matte feel gives a premium as well as stylish look. Also, there is nothing to say about the classiness of Beats logo.


There is also an “extend out”, that makes sure that the earbuds are always in place. Also, beats have taken care of your comfort as well. You get 4 sets of ear tips along with the earbuds starting from small to large. So you can choose the one that fits you the best and then replace it with the current one.


There is a power button present on the left hand side which acts as the Bluetooth pairing button as well as power button for your earbuds. There is also a LED indicator that tells you about the battery level as well as the status of the Bluetooth connection with the device.

There is also a set of universal inline control and the headphones to pair up with almost all the phones. The inline control has a volume rocker along with the multi-function button that could be used for playing and music, picking up as well as rejecting calls.


Talking about the performance of the earbuds, they are really good and can handle any kind of music exceptionally well. The overall sound is really very good and almost every genre of music can be played on these earphones with desired emphasis on lows, mids and highs.

Also, unlike other companies, who try to create a seal, Bose on the other hand does not pressurize your ear. So, you do not get complete isolation while you are listening to songs, but at the same time, the exceptional base makes up for it and you don’t hear sound from your surroundings. The performance is exception good and there is no doubt about it. The Powerbeats 2 wireless earbuds cover all the lows, mids as well as highs without any kind of problem and without missing even a single detail.

One can use the Beats Powerbeats 2 Wireless from 30 feet or 10 meters away and the still the connection strength remains pretty strong. So again a plus point for those who like to take care of their daily chores with their music flowing in their ears all the while.


However, the biggest problem with the Beats Powerbeats 2 is its price. You will have to pay around $199 for beats Powerbeats 2 which is way more than other earphones coming with similar features. You can definitely go for a cheaper set of earbuds but those who have been loyal to beats products will still find it a lot to love about it. You can buy Beats PowerBeats2 wireless earbuds from here.

Best Wireless Earbuds for Work-out

Nothing is more frustrating than having the cords of your earphones get stuck between your legs or hands while exercising, running or riding a bike. And though there are tangle-free wired earphones available, yet they do very little in preventing the chords hinder your way while doing any movements, not even while walking, running or working out. And after the introduction of wireless Bluetooth earphones in the market, more and more consumer-audio companies are bringing in their own wireless earphones with added features like sweat-resistant, noise-isolation and more so.

The whole focus of wireless earphones being used as some regular earphones is getting replaced with them being used by athletes or by regular people as well as professionals during their workout sessions, morning jogs and running, riding bikes and even during outdoor actives like sports. And what these wireless Bluetooth earphones lack in the sound quality when compared to wired earphones, they make it up by offering a hassle free comfortable earphones experience to those who like to have music playing in their head during outdoor activities without having to worry about earphone wires hindering their movements.

All the major brands like Bose, Sony, Beats and more are now shifting their focus to launching more and more wireless earphones with newer upgrades every now and then. And while there are plenty of options to choose from all the wireless earphones out in the market, there are few that are the most advanced in their build and performance quality than others. A wireless earphone doesn't only gets rid of the wires, but makes sure that the earbuds stay in place during movements, that the sweat doesn't affect them or that navigating through songs or controlling volume and other options are well in reach of the user. And there are only a few wireless earphones at present in the market that ring all these notes correctly so that money spent on them is well worth the product received.

So take a look at some of the best wireless earphones most ideal for working out.

Skullcandy Smokin’ Buds 2 Wireless

Bluetooth wireless earphones makes it possible for everyone to carry the audio with them everywhere and anywhere they go. And while there are many wireless earphones already in the market with premium price range, the new Skullcandy Smokin’ buds 2 lie in the lower-end range of the price tag but still successfully proved the comfort and sound quality of a premium earphone. With 6-hours of battery life and a cozy plastic material used in its adjustable flex-collar takes your casual carefree listening to an entirely new level. And while music listening is always the major task, you can even very easily take calls, switch between different track in your playlist and control the volume, all with the in-line remote control provided.


Skullcandy has made sure to perfectly give the earbuds an angled and oval-shaped nozzle that aligns better with the natural ear canal shape and thus significantly improves the overall comfort and noise-isolation feature of the earphone. Besides this, the boosted bass, the crisp vocals and the precision highs lets you hear the music with the best quality possible, and considering the price range and brand name for these wireless earphones, this one is surely a winner.

The earphone comes with a removable neckband, also called flex-collar that gives users two different ways to use earphones. You can either wear the neckband or can choose to remove the compartment that houses the electronics and charging port of earphone and can also wear it without the band, just like a regular behind-the-head style earphone. A clip is provided to avoid any cable slack and to secure the fit.


Coming to the connectivity now, pairing is easy and you will be able to connect them almost instantly after simply holding down the main control button mounted on the earbuds. The connectivity is pretty strong and the music hardly every skips when in the range of the Bluetooth.


There is an inline control panel on the left ear side that houses a mic and three-button remote control to facilitate the Bluetooth pairing, play/pause the track, control volume, skip tracks and make or take calls when paired with the phone. The battery backup is claimed to be around 6 hours but varies as per the loudness.


As for the sound quality, the bass is little too powerful in these Bluetooth earbuds, so a treat for the bass lovers but might prove to be a bit much to others, and due to the boosted bass levels, the lows and highs feel a little unbalanced. But having said that, tracks with vocals manages to bring out the sound clean and clear without distorting the vocals. So for hip hop fans, the earphones will definitely work wonders. But again for the audiophiles, the overpowering bass might be a problem.


The Skullcandy Smokin’ Buds 2 wireless is an absolute winner in two respects, first the low-end price range and secondly the boosted bass response. At around $60 price tag you won’t be able to find a better sounding wireless earbuds from a trusted brand and if you are a bass lover and don’t mind a little off-balance between its lows and highs, then it can’t get better than these pair of earphones from Skullcandy.

To wrap it up, for a price range as low as $59.99 and with decent features and build quality, the new Skullcandy Smokin’ Buds 2 wireless are definitely worth the money and among the best earbuds in this price range. Listening to songs with your mobile phone in the pocket and without having to worry about the wires getting tangled or damaged is definitely a good bet for this price range. But if you prefer a balanced sound over a boosted bass then you might want to rethink your options before spending on these. The sound quality though pretty decent overall is not for the audiophiles’ types and thus exploring more options is a safer bet in that case. You can buy Skullcandy Smokin’ buds 2 wireless earbuds from here.

Best Wireless Earphones for Sprinters

Jaybird Freedom F5

Jaybird’s new Freedom F5 has a slimmer design and offers a more comfortable fit than its hugely successful yet bulky predecessor X2. And apart from the seeker design, the earphones also offer an excellent sound quality for an in-ear wireless earphone. The earphones, as all other sports earphones is sweat-resistant, offers a decent battery life and also adds in another extra four hours when you use the included battery clip. They are specially designed for sprinter and runners who like to listen to their favorite music without any hindrance while running their hearts out.

However, this battery clip is one thing to be taken care of as losing it might end up with trouble as you can’t charge your earphones without this battery clip. Available in five different color variants, the box includes a nice little carry pouch, extra tips and ear fins that come with earphones, set of cord shorteners and a warranty card. A more detailed and in-depth review is given below with all the pros and cons of these new earphones discussed below. So give a quick read to find out more about this new wireless earphone from Jaybird.

Looks and Design

Jaybird’s X2 is undoubtedly the crown holder among all other wireless earbuds. The earphone promises an excellent sound quality, sturdy and comfortable grip in the ear and solid overall build. But the only downside of X2 is its bulky housing that protrudes outside ear for about half an inch and that makes it little uncomfortable to use with a helmet on. But thanks to the new Jaybird’s Freedom F5, this issue has been very smartly handled, with a downward curving design of earbuds that flushes against the lower lobe of your ear. So wearing it with helmet or using it with a snug hat is no longer a problem now. Most of the electronic parts are removed from the housing and is placed into the remote control attached to the wire on the right earpiece. And though the slightly heavier remote might dangle under your chin but wearing the earphones with cable running around the back of your head solves this minor problem.


Coming to the connectivity, the Bluetooth earbuds offers an amazing Bluetooth strength with sound not getting distorted even up to 30 feet distance. There is no skipping at all while playing songs and moving around in the house with the device kept away from the earphones. The new Freedom is even equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 that allows it to pair with up to eight different devices at a time and switching among them is as smooth as it can be for a Bluetooth connected earphones. So as far as connectivity is concerned, Jaybird’s Freedom F5 pretty much takes care of everything and is one of the best wireless earphones for this feature alone.

Battery Life

Unlike micro-USB input for charging, Freedom F5 opts for a charging cradle that needs to be connected to earphones in order to plug them in for charging. And this adds an added benefit to the battery life since you can clip the charging cradle to the control module while wearing them to get a significant boost in battery life. The earphones only provide a battery backup of 3-4 hours but using the charging cradle you can even boost it up to 6 hours in a single go.


As for the sound quality, one thing that you will notice right away is the loudness. The earphones are really loud for a Bluetooth earphone and have a pretty decent emphasis on the bass. For the rock-music lovers and for the bass lovers, the loud sound with an amazing bass of this earphone might just be the best sound for them.

And even with a loud sound and a powerful bass, the overall sound quality is not much compromised, though there is some loss of detailing for vocals and acoustic instruments. The highs can also get piercing sometimes and you might have to lower the volume a bit, but that’s due to the increased loudness in these earphones. One thing to mention here is the Jaybird MySound app, using which you can keep a check on the battery left, can fine tune the EQ settings and can browse through all the presets and select one of your liking.

So to wrap it up, Jaybird Freedom are definitely a lot sleeker than X2 and though the bulky remote control might loosen the in-ear grip of the earbuds but having the cable run around the back of head takes away the unnecessary weight of the remote control off from the cables. And though sound quality might suffer a bit at mids level but once you get the earbuds to fit firmly in your ear, the sound quality seems a lot better and definitely louder.


Therefore, for a $200 price tag, the decent sound quality, sleek design and long-life definitely makes it worth the money spent and definitely the next best earbuds after the Jaybird X2. Check more about Jaybierd Freedom F5 and buy them from here.

Best Wireless Earbuds for Skippers

Klipsch AS5i in-ear wireless Earbuds

Klipsch’s all new sports wireless earbuds, AS5i, offer a lightweight, sweat-resistant earbuds that stays in place even during your most intense workouts and running routines. The secure fit design of earbuds gently wraps around your ear to provide a stable and comfortable fit that will stay put the earbuds in its place during movements. And the customizable flex wire aids in positioning the earphones to find the perfect fit for your ear. So though you might have to work a little to find the right fit in your ears but once that right fit is found, these earphones stay put in your ears even during the most rigors workout routines and running.

Small driver design employed in its making delivers a promising sound covering a wide range of frequencies with all the necessary dynamic details clear and crisp in nature. The extremely durable earbuds with their flexible oval ear tips fit perfectly into the ear canal and help create a perfect acoustic seal offering superior noise-cancellation.

Design and Looks

Available in two color variants, black and blue color, each of the earphones come with a cloth bag, four different sized ear tips and also includes a one-year warranty.

Klipsch’s new Bluetooth earbuds is the decent combination of firm in-ear grip and sound quality at an affordable price range. While there are lot of options for wireless earphones and headphones in the market but to find one that can stay put in your ear during rigorous workout and running along with a decent sound quality is often a very tedious task. And with this new earphone, Klipsch almost ticks all the right boxes required for a good wireless earphone for workout.

AS5i combines the in-ear configuration with an over-the-ear loop in order to eliminate the cable tug and to ensure that the earbuds stay in place during fast movements. And once you neatly fit in the earphones and double proof it with over-the-ear loop, your earphones would stay right in the place even during the most rigorous workout routine. And the sweat-resistant feature makes them even more comfortable even when the earbuds gets drenched in sweat during the running and workout routines. So using them even for a long stretch doesn't get uncomfortable even for a bit.

As for the earbuds, the tight ear canal seal creates perfect noise-isolation so that the disturbing sounds from gym equipment doesn't interrupt your music experience at all. Even when listening to these earphones at crowded places, the ambient noises are very little to absolutely zero. But with the noise-isolation this strong you must stay well aware of the surrounding while running outdoors as the earphones does a really good isolation of noise from surrounding.


Adding to the sturdy fit and comfortable grip of the earbuds, Klipsch has done a great job in making the cords tangle-free as well. And when I say tangle-free, then with these earphones I really mean it because even after roughly rolling it and putting them in the pockets, you can straighten out the cable in just a few seconds tops. This tangle-free cable has an inline remote control that can be used to play/pause the music, change the volume and the clip provided can be used to tug it to your shirt while running.


Now coming to the sound quality, Klipsch has always been good at bringing forth earphones with an overall well-balanced sound quality and the new AS5i is no different in this matter. The sound quality is clean and rich and the silicon tips adds to the tight sealing of ear canal for even better experience.

The one thing really great about the sound quality is that the bass is kept at a decent level, not at all overpowering, and so the minor details of music can also be clearly heard. Majority of people often find the bass in earphones a little too loud which compensates on the overall sound quality but with this earphone the overall sound it provides is a lot fuller and cleaner than the other wireless earbuds at this price range, and certainly gives a tough completion to the ones at slightly higher price range than this.

The AS5i earphones are available in green and pink color and are decently vibrant to be visible during night times as well. You even get a small carry case to carry your earphones in it and a variety of different sized silicon ear-tips, so experiment with different sizes and find the perfect fit for your ear.

Therefore, to wrap it up, AS5i is an amazing wireless earphone for those who love to keep music flowing in their ears during workouts and running routines. The comfortable grip fits extremely well in your ears and the overall design and build quality is complemented by the brilliant sound quality. In fact, the sound quality is so good for a wireless earphone at this price range, that you can use them as your regular earphones as well, so a good option among the best Bluetooth earbuds in the market, for both your regular use and during workout sessions. And for the complaining audiophiles, the bass level is well taken care of in this earphone so a good pair overall. Buy Klipsch AS5i directly from here.

Best Wireless Earbuds for Trekking

JBL Under Armor wireless

Under Armor, one of the biggest brands in the world of fitness products, partnered with JBL to bring forth the new wireless earphones ideal for using it while working out in the gym, running on treadmills or riding a bike. Under Armor wireless earbuds are engineered by the sound master JBL and the earphones are designed by athletes for athletes to set a new standard among the other wireless sport earphones already in the market.

The company claims them to be the most comfortable wireless earphones, optimized for outdoor sports activities like running, exercising and intense working out. The minimal design, short cable length and no extra component outside the housing is all done keeping in mind the outdoor activities done by athletes and normal people as well.

The sweat-resistant earphones are Bluetooth enabled so that there is no distraction from wires and the three-button remote control handles all the hands free operations like chasing the volume, navigating through the music, and works with both iPhones, Androids and any other Bluetooth compatible devices.

In the box you get a pair of UA wireless earphones, 2 sets of enhancers, a Micro-USB charging cable, a carrying case, a warranty card and a quick start guide to help you begin with. You also get a one-year premium membership to MapMyFitness, an added benefit for all the fitness freaks out there. Read below to get a more detailed insight into the earphones below.

Design and Looks

This new Bluetooth earbuds, is specially designed keeping in mind the exercise and running activities, though bulky, but are light-weight and fits perfectly in the ear. The main idea behind these earphones is to make the design as minimal as possible for athletes and runners and so almost all the electronic components are adjusted in the housing of earphones, thus making them somewhat bulky, but the upside of this is that there is no extra stuff hanging below your neck while you are gaming or running. The cord joining the two earbuds is also kept fairly short, at just 18-inch length, again to avoid any extra length of cord which might hinder your movements, the only extra bit outside the earphone is the inline remote buttons.

The earbuds are shaped differently than the regular earbuds in both size and shape respects, but the company claims this odd design to be following a “twistLock” design that requires you to place the earbuds in your ears and then gently turn them forward so as to lock the earphones in your ears. And the hook-like shape of the earbuds tips does really gets solidly locked inside your ear, thus giving them a comfortable and firm grip and keeping them inside ears during working out and running and in fact any other such activity. And being water-resistant, they stay safe from your sweat and even take them out in drizzle.


Apart from the earbuds, the only other electronic component outside is the three-button remote, which also sports a pinhole mic on its backside and a Micro-USB charging port. The buttons used are distinct and easy to click on during running but the short length of the cord brings the inline control right under your ear, near your neck. So receiving calls might be a problem while running and you would have to adjust the mic and bring it close to your mouth while speaking with someone over it. But apart from that the control buttons work perfectly fine and for changing volume and track the buttons are easily reachable as well.


Under Armor claims 8-hour battery backup with this earphone which is fairly decent given its small size and no extra electronics apart from the one inside the earbuds. The earphones can be charged using the Micro-USB charging port provided on the inline remote control and one full charge can be more than enough for using it for several days of workout routines.


Now although Under Armor have clearly designed this earphone to be used during exercise and running routines, but having partnered with JBL, the sound quality is pretty decent as well. JBL is known for providing a balanced quality sound, and with this earphone they have done the same. Though the earphones don’t offer noise-isolation and are little low on the bass, but the sound range is very clear and almost all kind of music can be played on it with a decent sound quality. For those people who prefer a good noise-isolation while working out in a gym this might not be the best option for them, but for others who doesn't mind a little ambient noise while listening music and the audio too has a good audio range, then this earphone works really well.

Having said that, the combination of a short cord and minimal noise isolation might also be done deliberately to avoid any kind of noise to be transferred from the cord into your ears, the problem very much common with wired earphones. But whatever the reason be, the sound doesn't suffer any major quality issue due to the lack of noise-isolation.

To wrap it up, Under Armor and JBL collaborated wireless earphones might not be the best in the market but are definitely made with high quality and durability kept in mid. And though you might find a better wireless earphone that offer better noise-isolation and louder sound than this one, but the features like water-resistant, light-weight, tough build, long lasting battery backup and no extra electronics hanging off from your neck, makes the new JBL Under Armor wireless earphones a decent option to invest in. These earphones are ideal for those with rigorous workout routines and running as the earbuds, though bulky, fit comfortably into the ear due to its locking mechanism and JBL has also done a pretty decent job in giving them an overall well-balanced clear and sharp sound. So a tough earphone with minimal distraction and good sound quality is what this new pair of earphone is all about. You can buy JBL under Armor Wireless Earbuds from here.

Best Wireless Earbuds for Jogging

Sol Republic Shadow wireless earphone

Sol Republic is no newbie in the audio market and the company, since its establishment in 2011, has made a well-renounced place in providing quality products in the consumer audio market. The company has finally released its new wireless earbud, Shadow, and like all other products from the company, you can very well be assured of the overall build quality of the earphones offering a decent sound and fashionable design at a fairly priced tag.

Sol Republic has not followed the traditional wireless earphone design and has rather gone for a more solid flexible band that goes over at the back of the head and rests around the neck. And this design might not be most ideal for the athletes but is definitely comfortable for all kinds of casual use. The powerful bass is another major attraction for the bass lovers and even in the lower frequencies the bass stays clear and loud. Bluetooth earphones generally compromise a little on the sound quality but even at this price range Sol Republic manages to pack in an overall good. Majority of the people consider wireless earphones to be strictly use while training or running and thus the same typical design is followed. But Sol Republic has taken a bit non-traditional approach and designed their new earphones giving it a bit more fashionable look to attract not only the athletes and gym-freaks but also for the general public.

Design and Looks

The wireless Bluetooth earbuds from one of the most popular brand in audio market, Sol Republic, is the one that can be labelled as beauty with brains. Shadow, the wireless earphone is well built, good-looking and has a good range of sound, all in an affordable price range. The design of this new earphone doesn't follow the traditional minimal wired design but instead adds a little bulk to its wired counterparts, making it somewhat similar to around-the-head type earbuds, but all in a good way. The earphones have a flexible body that hangs along your collar, thus shifting the weight away from ears and to the back of the neck. And to add to this, the soft touch rubber material of the band with its malleable base makes it even more comfortable and you might even forget that the band is still hanging around your collar.

The bendable body makes them slightly more damage-proof than other similar products in the market and you can even roll them up and put it in a confined space like your pockets and they will be just fine. Also the water-resistant feature makes them easy to use in the rains or during sweaty workouts. Having said this, these earphones are surely not the ideal choice for those with intense workout routines and fast running. The band, though lightweight, bounces up and down little too much to distract you while performing the exercises and so only if you do light weight lifting and brisk walking then consider these earphones.


There are four physical buttons, three being on the top right of the base with two volume buttons and a multifunction button in between them. You can change the volume using the up and down button respectively, the up button being the one nearer to your face and the other button is used to take calls while still paired with your smartphone. The connectivity is pretty straightforward and easy and works better when the host devices are limited to two only.


The battery backup is claimed to be 8 hours which is pretty decent actually and the other plus side is the earphone doesn't use much battery when simply kept turned on without actually playing anything on it. In case you forget to turn off your earphones after listening to music, you might still find them above low battery level the very next day. This feature makes the earphones even more decent as majority of people forget to turn off the wireless earphones after using them.

There is a Micro-USB charging port and an indicator light inside the band that indicates when the battery is fully charged.


Now coming to the sound quality, Shadow offers a powerful bass and a loud volume along with a good range of audio. The Bluetooth earphones are always designed so that bass and highs are given more better than lows and mids and Shadow tends to follow the same trend in its sound output.

And though the audiophiles might argue about the sound quality, but considering that these are Bluetooth earphones, the sound quality is still pretty decent at this price range and the fact that they have the technological ability to playback the tracks at their original bitrates is also one strong point for it. The overall sound favors bass a little and so the music lying in EDM or House genre sounds the best with these earphones. The bass stays clear even at lower frequencies and so is top notch in terms of both volume and overall quality. Buy Sol Republic Shadow Wireless earbuds from here.

Best Wireless Earphones for Swimmers

BRAGI The DASH Wireless Earphones

Bragi Dash is a perfect wireless earphone which offer amazing audio quality, comfortability as well as audio transparency. They are perfect for fitness tracking as there is a heart rate sensor built inside it. One can use if for running as there are no cables that get entangled. And the best part is that one can even use them while swimming underwater. Yes, they are waterproof and won’t get damaged even if you wear them while bathing and swimming. Just make sure that they don’t fall off while you are in water.


Controls of these “hearables” might be a bit difficult to understand at first and seem like using Morse code, but once you get accustomed to them, using them is just a breeze. However, both the earbuds have different perceptions for similar kinds of gestures. Your right earbud is all about music and the left earbud is for other functions.

Left bud

Tap and hold for about 5 seconds for it to pair with the app. In order to turn ‘audio transparency’ on, swipe forward and swipe back for off.

Right bud

Tap and hold for 5 seconds to pair them with the app. Tap once for pause/play/call answering. Tap twice for the next song and tap thrice for precious song. To increase the volume, swipe forward. To decrease the volume, swipe backwards.


To check the battery level, shake the earphones, to which they will glow displaying a glow. Following the glow index. Blue for full, Green for high, Amber for medium and Red for low.

Dash also offers you the functionality of accepting or rejecting phone calls using gestures. Nod to accept a call and shake to reject one. You can also accept a call by just tapping the right earpiece. However, you would think that you cannot reject one by tapping the left one which seemed a bit disappointing. But Bragi said that they would plan to add this functionality while updating the firmware.


Bragi offers a pretty futuristic look with these Earphones. They come in a simple black case with a metal sleeve which is used to hold the earphones in while transporting. But even in the cradle these earbuds snap to it with a magnetic finish. Everything pretty neat. When charging these earphones have a subtly-pulsing blue LED light, giving them a high-tech look straight away.

Now, the earbuds are pretty unassuming by themselves. They have a glossy black finish on the outside and a matte silicone one on the inside. These do spoil the aesthetic a bit, but since it’s on the rear, it doesn't actually matter.

To accommodate different ear canal sizes, the silicone covers come in three different sizes- S,M,L. It’s recommended to check all the three sizes before deciding which one suits you best. It’s a fiddly task but it’s a ‘once it’s done, it’s done’ job.

They have a bulbous teardrop design. However, they are very secure in the user's’ ears and are waterproof too.


Bragi-The Dash offers an exceptional performance in terms of technology and battery.

It delivers a wide soundstage and a good amount of bass to the music on the lower ends. If you are an audiophile, you will not be well pleased by it as compared to all the high-end IEMs out there which would crush these tiny earpieces easily. But considering the form factor and the amount of features which the company was able to cram in these earbuds is exceptional. The sound quality is pleasing and well-rounded. If you want don’t want to use Bluetooth, you can also store music on its flash drive. Apart from music listening, you can also take calls from Dash. The earpieces come with a bone conducting mechanism of microphone which helps you to answer the phone just by nodding your head. Overall it's a good pair of earbuds.


The Dash comes with a case, in which the earphones rest. It has an inbuilt battery which has the capability of charging these earphones 5 times. With these earphones, Bragi claims a total of 6 hours of playtime per charge and an overall of three hours’ life. It was also found while testing that this not to be so off the mark. We noticed the 2h 46min mark before it started cutting out.

So, is it necessary to take a charger with you wherever you go? Not really. Bragi’s Dash charging cradle can charge the earbuds for around five times, when the cradle itself is charged once. Now, even though the cradle helps in charging the earbuds, the downside is that they can’t continuously collect fitness data all day long. And as is the case with any smart device, be it your phone or tablet or wrist-wear, the earbuds also need nightly charging.


The technology Bragi put in these “hearables” is pretty astonishing. They have touch sensitive surface, which is very much similar to the touchpad of a laptop.

Commands can be given to them by tapping onto the surface, where every tap has a different meaning. Tap commands are different for both, left and right ear pieces.

They've built in heart-beat sensor which helps in keeping track of your fitness.

They can be used for calling as well, thanks to their vibration sensors which can sense words through bone conduction.

Dash uses Low energy Bluetooth to connect with your phone. So, as is the case with any Bluetooth connected device, the range is pretty short. It is found that it starts to cut off with 16-17 feet in direct sight and/or as soon a wall is between the earbuds and the connected device. And once even if they do get connected to the device, they keep dropping on and off. You can buy Bragi The Dash wireless earbuds from here.

So to wrap it up, these wireless earphones are for ones that desire for a good looking, durable and good sounding earphones. Though not the perfect choice for the athletes and people with regular workout routines, but still a powerful-packed fashionable choice among other wireless earphones that offer more or less same design and build style.

Wireless earphones are getting more and more popular everyday with all the major consumer-audio products companies intruding their own wireless earphones every other day. The Bluetooth wireless earphones are still not at par with the wired earphones as far as the sound quality is concerned, but the numerous added benefits of wireless earphones over the wired earphones outweighs this one short-coming of wireless earphones. The different major brands like Jaybird, Bose, JBL, Sony, Skullcandy and more constantly keep upgrading their wireless earphones’ firmware and hardware, making them more and more comfortable in ears and better in overall sound quality. And the competition among all these major brands and their wireless earphones is so close that finding the right earphone for yourself is a mammoth task. And with the above mentioned best bluetooth earbuds and their detailed reviews might help you in making that decision more easily. So find the perfect one for yourself and enjoy the freedom of using a wireless earphone during your workouts and running sessions.